June 5, 2011

Baby Bird Shower


Yet another good friend is having a baby!  Which means I get to share pictures from another beautiful baby shower. 

Welcome Sign

A balloon tied to a chair, helped guests find the party.

The grandma-to-be rented beautiful periwinkle tablecloths, white frilly napkins, and white chivari chairs.  She also found mugs with baby birds and nets and filled them with cookies. 
I made these centerpieces using white hydrangeas and roses:

I found this bird cage (which is actually a candle holder) at Micheal's and I made a sign that said:  "Help fill [mom-to-be's] nest with good advise."  Each guest then wrote down their best baby advise.  We read some of the entertaining ones out loud, and the mom-to-be kept the notes of advise. 
The cake was made to match the invitation.

Games:  We did three games, which was perfect. 

We started with a multiple choice quiz about the parents-to-be.  The questions were all based on stories from their past, and as we read through the answers we learned all kinds of cute things the parents-to-be did when they were children.  It was a great ice breaker game.  It felt like everyone in the room was having one conversation.

After brunch was served, we played my new favorite baby shower game, Preg or Porn!

For an extra game, the guest with the birthday closest to the baby's due date won a small prize.

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