March 18, 2008

Almost 100 Things About Me...and Growing

OK . . . more like a little more than 1/3 of 100, but if you count all my run-ons and tangents, there might just be 100 things yet (then again, if you subtract for repetitiveness. . . I may be worse off then I started):
  1. I am a mommy
  2. I work full time as an attorney
  3. I do not think that makes be a bad person (or mommy)
  4. I am starting to learn that the secret of the woman who does it all (the woman I always strive to be), is that she delegates!
  5. I also found out the woman who does it all shops online, so that she doesn't have to run errands on her days off
  6. I do not know how to ride a bike (yes, it's true:
  7. I have never broken a bone (knock on wood)
  8. I am superstitious
  9. I am a horrible speller (and am very grateful for spell check)
  10. I've been proven psychic in a laboratory (as part of a class I took in college)
  11. I am not judgmental, or at least, not most of the time
  12. I am naturally a pessimist, but have grown into an optimist
  13. I believe that killing with kindness is always the way to go, but I admit that can sometimes be exhausting
  14. I was a vegetarian for 10 years
  15. I love to cook and find it therapeutic
  16. I try to plan our meals for each month ahead of time, so that there is no guesswork to dinner each night
  17. My favorite activity is throwing any type of party
  18. I also love taking pictures, and scrapbooking
  19. I have no artistic skills, and am not even capable of coloring between the lines
  20. I am scared to fly, but I love to travel, and try not to let my fears interfere with enjoying life (if you need proof of this fact: I flew on 14 different planes in 2008)
  21. I have been south of the equator
  22. I am scared of needles (but, as you can see, I apparently I won't let that stop me from seeing the world either)
  23. I am married to my soulmate
  24. I am cheesy, but happy
  25. I am sometimes naive
  26. I am often indecisive
  27. I am overly analytical, and must do extensive research before making any decision (which means I am also a lawyer)
  28. Sometimes I flip a coin, just to see how I react; then I know what I really want to do
  29. The idea of writing 100 things about me, was an idea that was stolen frominspired by other bloggers
  30. I enjoy reading, but rarely find the time to read anymore (unless other people's blogs count)
  31. I failed my driver's license eye exam
  32. I write a lot of blog entries that I end up not posting
  33. Which is silly because I think I am the only one who reads my blog
  34. Well, at the very least, I am pretty sure that I am the only one who read this far without skipping
  35. But, if you've made it this far, you are my new favorite friend
  36. I am easy to please


  1. Hi! I've read that far. :-)

  2. Thanks've made my day!

  3. Me too! I like your Blogspot!