January 15, 2012

Amazing Marinade

Ever since I discovered this Easy Marinade, it has been the preferred marinade on my menu rotation - especially during the summer.  It is one of the best marinades I have ever made, and I still can't believe how easy it is to make.  I've used it for skirt steak, but I usually use it for boneless skinless chicken breast (I make it with red wine vinegar; I have not tried the balsamic vinegar variation).

When it's on the menu for a weekday meal, I prep the chicken and make the marinade in the morning before I leave for work.  While I am at work, the chicken marinates in the fridge (gotta love passive cooking!).  When I get home from work, my husband throws the chicken on the grill.  He always makes some extra chicken so that we can easily add it to salads for lunch or dinner throughout the week.  Best part is that my husband enjoys barbecuing (the same cannot be said for cooking), so he actually has fun while he's being productive.

Even though this is an easy weekday meal - it is also company worthy.  It is great if you are having friends over for barbecue, because you can prep everything before your guests arrive (even the night before), and when your guests are ready to eat you just throw it on the grill, and cook as you entertain.

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