April 7, 2012

Chugga-Chugga, Choo-Choo, My Baby Boy is Two!

My baby boy is 2!  His birthday fell on a weekend this year, so I figured what better way to celebrate his actual birthday then to spend the day with family and friends in a supped-up play date.  If I was going to create a special day for my son, it had to be full of things he loved - and my son loves trains!  He gets so excited for choo-choo trains, and I couldn't wait for him to see what I had planned for his birthday! 

(Although I discovered Pinterest while I was already well into my planning process, I did have a chance to create a Choo-Choo Trains board (here) for inspiration for the party).

The Menu

We served a brunch buffet that was both adult and kid friendly.  (and I got to break out the chaffing dishes I bought for New Years for the warm items). 
Fruit Salad Bar

I also made a "snack train" for the kids.  I saw so many cute ones when I was looking online for ideas, but I couldn't figure out how to make one without spending a fortune.  I tried the dollar stores, but none of the baskets were the right colors or shapes.  Luckily, I stumbled upon red and white containers from Michaels that were only $4 a piece.   

For the wheels, I cut out circles out of scrapbook paper using a round paper punch, and I used buttons from the Cute As a Button Baby Shower from last year.  I placed each container on two wooden blocks (that my son already owned) in order to raise the containers.  I used glue dots to stick the wheels on, so that they could be easily taken off after the party (so I could reuse the containers).  

I had issues finding the head train for the snack train.  All the trains I saw online and in the stores were either too small or way too expensive.  Finally, I decided to go a different route, and I found this Thomas the Train stuffed toy on Amazon.  It was the perfect size, and because my son loves trains and stuffed animals - it was a great toy for my son (after it finished serving as decoration for the party).  It did disappear a couple of times during the party (apparently that is the bad part about choosing something practical for the decor), but we did manage to locate it in the end, and it is now in my son's playroom (and one of his favorite toys).

I filled the snack train with my son's favorite snacks:

  • Freeze dried bananas (from Trader Joe's)
  • Freeze dried mango (from Trader Joe's)
  • Goldfish
  • Puffs
  • Yogurt Melts
The Drinks

We had plenty of OJ, water, soda cans, juice boxes, and milk boxes for our guests.  I also served coffee and tea.  I found these adorable paper straws online and couldn't resist.  I also got these toddler cups with lids, which were a big hit with the toddler crowd.

The Decor 

I decided on red,white, and blue because I really liked the Thomas the Train colors, and I also figured that I could reuse a lot of the decor for our 4th of July party.  Most of the color came from balloons scattered around the party.  I also bought red and royal blue linens (for less than the rental cost).  

I really wanted to make a runner out of train tracks.  I found inexpensive white table runners, and I made train tracks out of blue ribbon.  I used glue dots to stick the tracks to the runners so that I could peel off the tracks and reuse the runners.  I found Thomas the Train Easter baskets at Target and picked up a couple.  I filled each with napkins (so that guests didn't have to get up when they needed an extra one - which happens a lot when you have kids), and set one at the center of each of the train track runners. 

I bought a bunch of different wooden trains in the party colors, and sprinkled them around the buffet and drinks table.  These too now live in my son's playroom.

I found a wooden arrow at Michaels and I spray painted it with chalkboard paint.  I then wrote in chalk "To the Trains" and I hung the sign on our front gate, so that guests knew to come in through the front door.  I plan to use the arrow sign again for other parties to let guests know which way to enter, so I love that I can change the words on the sign to match my party.

I also made a happy birthday sign in the shape of a railroad crossing sign.  I cut foam core into long strips and bought black stickers for the letters.  I couldn't cut the foam core perfectly, so I glued black ribbon (which was leftover from making programs for my best friend's wedding) to the edges to cover the messiness of it all. 


I rented this amazing toddler train station bounce house.  It was perfect for our toddler guests (and their big siblings).  It was low to the ground so it didn't have too high of a bounce.  It also had an obstacle course and slides.  The kids all loved it!  (and the parents loved that there was easy visibility all around the bounce house so they didn't have to go inside of the bounce house to watch their kids).  The very best part, though, was that we had the bounce house all day.  After our guests were long gone (and after my son took a nice long nap), the party continued for us as the weather turned perfect and my son mastered the bounce house obstacle courses and slides.

I also set up a train table in front of the bounce house.  (It was part of my son's birthday present).  After much debate, I settled on this train table because it fit any brand of trains, and it also worked with cars and other small vehicles (in case my son grows out of the train phase quickly).  Best part was that it has a cover so it can also be used as a regular table too.  It was a huge hit at the party, and it continues to be a huge hit in my son's playroom. 

Finally, I laid out blankets across our yard and spread out my son's toys.  I also set up an indoor play space (in my son's playroom) for guests who didn't want to be outside.  Most of the toys were gifts my son received from his first birthday party, and it was fun for our friends to see my son and all of his friends enjoy playing with the toys.


My son won a free mini photo shoot last year with a photographer.  She did a great job, and I was amazed by the shots she got of my son (especially considering that he spent most of the time running away from her).  She mentioned that she does a lot of birthday parties and smaller events.  She charged a flat rate for two hours (which frankly was less than what a lot of photographers charge for a family photo shoot), and that included all of the pictures - for no added cost.  I thought back to how I spent a majority of my son's first birthday party taking pictures.  I couldn't help but think how nice would it be to have a photographer capture the moments, while I was busy enjoying them?  But I also couldn't help but worry that it was excessive or over-the-top to hire a photographer for a kid's birthday.

I went back and forth for some time about whether it was worth it.  In the end, I decided that for less than the cost of doing a family photo shoot, I could have professional pictures of my son and family and friends on a very special day.  Let me tell you - it was worth it!  We have amazing pictures of our family and friends, and I am even planning on using one of the group shots she took for the thank you card.  The best part was that the photographer fit right in.  She was not intrusive at all.  I'm sure some guests thought it was excessive to hire a photographer, but they haven't seen the pictures she took yet :)

The Cupcakes

Because I don't like to spend the whole party cutting cake, I'm a big fan of cupcakes.  My brother's girlfriend loves to bake, and she was kind enough to make these for the party.  She decided to make a two in the middle of the cupcakes.  Here are some pictures of her masterpiece: 

The Favors

I really struggled this year with the favors.  I am not a huge fan of favors.  I find they are often a really big waste of money.  I wanted something that would be useful and cost efficient.  Finally, I decided on a CD of my son's favorite songs.  My son really loves music, and we get so much joy out of hearing him sing along to his CDs in our car.  My husband and I worked together to come up with the playlist.  We then played it for our son, and made adjustments based on his reactions.  We really had a great time putting it together (please excuse the censored CD - it's for privacy reasons - not aesthetics).  I planned to make a baggage claim sign for the favor table, but ran out of time.

We also did a candy table for the adults (and some of the older kids).  I got candy to match the colors of the party, and I used jars I already had to set up the table.  I ran out of time to make the signs for the candy bar, but one of my friends came up with the great idea of cutting out the labels on the candies that weren't in wrappers and affixing the labels to the jar.  It was such a great idea.  Here is an in-progress shot of her handiwork:


  1. Love all your ideas! My twins are tuning 2 in July and I'm planning to do a train theme. I'm curious where you live, generally. I'm in central Illinois and wanted to see if I could rent from the same place? Thanks for any info you can provide!

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately, I am across the country, so the rental place I used probably wouldn't work :(. I used Party On! Rentals. I've used them before, and they are consistently great! If you click on the link to the bounce house above, it will take you to their site.

  2. My son is also turning two this year! Too bad I missed out on those Easter baskets :( Where did you purchase the linens from?

  3. That turned out Brilliantly. BRAVO!

  4. I love these ideas! Especially the train track table runner and plush Thomas pulling the snack train. My son has had two Thomas-themed birthday parties so far. We'll see if he makes it three this year. :)

    1. Thanks! Can't go wrong with another train party :).

  5. I saw the stuffed thomas train at target, too

  6. One of my readers just put this link on my FB page 'cause I am looking to feature train ideas for Disney Spoonful.com. Can I feature this? :) I would just use 1 picture and link it directly back here to you site, giving you full credit and a great traffic potential. If that is ok, please email me at steph@somewhatsimple.com. If you'd rather not be featured, no problem at all, I just thought I would ask. :)