April 18, 2008

Make My Day!

My husband thinks that the only reason I want children is so that I can throw parties for them. He might be right. I enjoy having a challenging intellectual career...but there is nothing like planning (and throwing) a party! So though I am a lawyer by trade, I pretend I am a party planner on the side.

I have recently been given the exciting task of helping my sister-in-law plan my niece's Bat-Mitzvah. I am not sure if my sister-in-law realizes the monster she is about to unleash (though I will try to keep myself under control), but I cannot wait to help her plan this big event. I've only had the assignment for a couple days, and already, I have helped my niece choose a theme she is excited about, sketched sample centerpiece choices, and sketched ideas for the room design, seating cards, cocktail decor and more! My niece's Bat-Mitzvah isn't until fall 2009...but I am almost done with all the details.

Stay tuned for developments.


  1. AnonymousMay 20, 2008

    that is cute

  2. Thank you for your feedback on organizing the massages. We also love your bath salts and loofa idea...can we ask where you bought them?