June 26, 2008

When Did I Get Old?

I'm not sure when it happened, but I am officially an old person. That's right, I am now irritated by the little things that my mom used to complain about. I now ask my husband to turn down the TV volume, I generally think clubs are too loud, and (most recently) I don't appreciate it when people stand up during an entire concert in a section where everyone else is sitting down.

True, we could have just stood up behind them (although we no longer have the energy we once had), but given that everyone behind us was screaming "sit down" to the dancing couple in front of us, we thought it best to stay seated. While we could hear the music perfectly, unfortunately, for most of the concert (until the couple eventually also succumbed to peer pressure, after almost getting into a fight with those yelling at them), this was our view:

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