July 1, 2008


For the past 3 years, my mother has told me on a daily basis that it was against the law to drive while talking on your cell phone. I assured her each time that no such law had been passed, and I was always right. However, as of today, she finally speaks the truth.

That's right, California has now prohibited the use of cell phones while driving. Yet, somehow, an ironic result has ensued. While, apparently, this law was passed to ensure safer roads for California drivers, if you saw me struggling (and swerving) the whole way home trying to figure out how to get my new blue tooth speaker to work, I assure you, you would have preferred that I was able to just talk on my phone, the old fashioned way, instead (that way at least one hand would have been on the wheel).

That's right, watch out California drivers: The car next to you might just be under the control of someone who, like me, cannot figure out their hands free kit for the life of them. Except worse than those pesky cell phone talkers, you won't be able to see the device in their hand to warn you to stay away.

Although, as an interesting side note, if you ask me, the strangest part of this new law is that you are still not prohibited from dialing while driving, and there is no express restriction against sending text messages (although the DMV does make an idle threat against such behavior in its FAQ section). Seriously? Aren't those the 2 biggest reasons to have created the law in the first place?

Well, I guess the bright side is that I no longer will have to decide whether I want to smoke a cigarette or place a call--now I can do both at the same time (that is once I figure out that blue tooth device); and, hey, as long as I can still check my e-mail while I'm driving...that's a bonus too (well, for me, anyway)! And since that's all still considered safe, I suppose it's acceptable behavior.

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