November 9, 2008

On the Menu: Weekly Dinner Challenge #1

OK, so here goes nothing, my first weekly dinner menu post:

On The Menu:

  1. Fig Salad

  2. Glazed Salmon

  3. Zucchini in Tomato Sauce
  4. Grilled Corn
Left over tip: Leftover fig salad made for a great lunch on Monday. The side dishes were turned into another dish for Tuesday.

  1. Organic Tomato Soup (from Trader Joe's)

  2. Pan Grilled Cheese on Wheat Sourdough Bread (using soy cheese . . . but you couldn't tell the difference)

    Inspiration: I knew I would be working late, so I decided to use a little help from the store. It took me about 7 minutes to make this dinner, and it will be back again (although I might try a different tomato soup next time).

  1. Fall Salad

  2. Lemon Garlic Chicken

  3. Zucchini and Corn in Tomato Sauce

Leftover Madness: I combined the side dishes I made on Monday to make the zucchini and corn in tomato sauce. The fall salad made for a great lunch on Wednesday!
Wednesday: Plans with friends translated into a night off from cooking.

  1. Santa Fe Salad
  2. Fajitas
Leftover Magic: When I made the fajitas, I made an extra batch with just onions, so I wouldn't have to cook a main course the next night.

  1. Challah
  2. Caesar Salad
  3. Onion Chicken
  4. Asian Broccoli
Leftover Magic: Since the chicken was cooked the night before, I didn't have to spend any time on the main course.
Stretching Ingredients: I used the leftover romaine lettuce from the package we bought to make the Santa Fe Salad (for Thursday night) for the Cesar Salad. Since I am trying to minimize my time at the market, I used frozen broccoli. The Asian broccoli allowed me to use some of the ingredients I picked up for the glazed salmon.
Saturday: We went to a friend's house for a dinner party, so, sadly I only cooked a total of 5 nights this week.

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