March 9, 2008

I've Been Robbed By Daylight Savings

It sneaks up on you, and before you know it, a whole hour disappears! While my DVR, cell phone and computer somehow magically all automatically adjust to the time shift caused by daylight savings, I am not so fortunate, and it can take me over a month to recover from the loss.

Personally I think daylight savings was created to torture those of us that aren't morning people and often don't get enough sleep. I hear fictional stories that this concept was invented to "conserve energy" or "save oil" or it has something to do with farmers' preferences or "reducing car crashes" and "safety" for trick-or-treaters. Not that I'm egocentric or anything, but I see through the lies, and I'm pretty sure that daylight savings was created just to f%#$ with my sleep schedule.

Now fall backwards . . . that's something I can understand (and enjoy)! Here's to November 2nd, when normality will return . . .

Photo pictured above is not my own brilliance, but was found on and is entitled "Squared Circles - Clocks" by Leo Reynolds, which I am required to tell you - if you want to borrow this picture like I did, see for the rules for sharing.

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