March 10, 2008

My Very First Meme

I'm still not sure what a meme is (my guess is that it's like a myspace bulletin survey, but less boring and more insightful than what color panties I am wearing). I can't say I have much of a presence here yet so I haven't been fortunate enough to have been specifically called out to play along, but luckily, Two Right Hands has tagged me to play (OK, so she really tagged anyone who wanted to play...but that counts, right?).

Here's the setup:
1) Look up page 123 in the nearest book to you.
2) Find the fifth sentence and write it down. Then write down the three sentences that follow.
3) Tag other bloggers to do the same.

Unfortunately, I am blogging in the wrong room for this meme. But, hesitating all temptation to cheat and wander into the room where the books live, I shall settle for the small pile of books within my reach.

So, without further ado, my very first meme:

1) Technically, the nearest book to me is White Noise by Don DeLillo.

2) "He sat slouched in the camouflage jacket with Velcro closures, steeped happily in disaster. He talked about the snow, the traffic, the trudging people. He speculated on how far we were from the abandoned camp, what sort of primitive accommodations might be available there. I'd never heard him go on about something with such spirited enjoyment."

3) And finally, in the spirit of sharing: Tag! You're it.

P.S. If it wasn't exciting enough to complete my first meme, I also learned how to tag links in html today! OK, maybe I'm a bit too proud of myself, but it's a start.

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