March 14, 2008

Babies on the Brain

Talk of children has become less scary lately. But tonight, I had to wonder: are we really ready for children? My mother-in-law thinks we are, but you be the judge:

Exhibit "A":
My husband says the darnedest things when he is half a sleep. Check out this dialogue:

Me (while squishing his cheeks, in a soft and loving voice, I said): "What am I going to do if we have a little boy one day that looks like you?"

Hubby (half asleep, he opens his eyes and with a determined voice he says): "Tell it, 'No!'"

Exhibit "B":
After playing a violent and graphic video game for over an hour where heads were exploding and guts were a flyin' at the hand of a virtual machine gun, and after watching countless horror movies and Dr. shows without the slightest twitch, my husband was finally disgusted by "Lost." It's true: when they showed Jin's baby all covered with afterbirth he couldn't handle it. The afterbirth--did it, I finally saw my husband squirm and cover his eyes the way I do through all the horror movies and Dr. shows.

On the other end of the couch, I couldn't help tearing up at the sweetness of the moment. Damn you biological clock, where do I hit snooze?

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