May 20, 2008

Mommy Would Be Proud (Warning: Very Disturbing Images Ahead)

My mother may sometimes have her opinions about my choices, but the one thing my mother never had to worry about was me ever getting a tattoo. True, it was mostly because I don't really understand why someone would voluntarily choose to be poked by a needle (and pay a fortune for it to boot), but in the end it really came down to one simple fact: I am indecisive--in manic proportions. I go in and out of phases quicker than tmz can blog about Britney Spears' latest mishap, so I just couldn't make the commitment.

Though I am thankful that I don't have a butterfly tattoo on my ankle (I went through a butterfly phase in the late nineties), it turns out it could have been worse. I couldn't believe my eyes (nor could I understand what this guy was thinking) when I stumbled upon this beauty that Mighty Girl discovered and posted on her blog:

It turns out, that this cat-astrophe is not in a league of it's own (oh how my mother would be proud of the google image searching skills I have acquired as a lawyer; and, no, this is not how I usually spend my time):

On a side note: two interesting observations about the belly centered tat (in case you are contemplating such a mistake): it seems to require an innie for the proper effect, and it also seems to only be a
choice men make.

And if using the belly button for artistic expression is not bad enough, what was this guy thinking?

Although, he clearly wasn't as dedicated as this guy:

So the next time your mother questions your judgment, you might want to point her in the direction of this post :)

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