May 21, 2008

Tales from LA Grocery Stores

I've never been one for celebrity sightings. I wouldn't recognize Julia Roberts if she slapped me in the face. That said, my hubby is a master celebrity sighter. He can recognize anyone who's ever been in anything--even the biggest flop (yet another example of how we each make up for each other's weaknesses). Tonight, after he told me a story about his most recent celebrity sighting, I noticed an interesting dichotomy between Ralphs and Whole Foods:

A month ago, while my husband was shopping at Ralphs, in the corner of his eye he saw a hoard of people rushing down the aisle will flashing light bulbs. Chaos. It turned out Britney Spears was shopping inside, and she was being chased down by the paparazzi. Ergo, Ralphs does not equal safe haven for celebrities.

Contrast the foregoing experience with the following: my hubby saw Sheila from Big Brother fame at Whole Foods. Not one person bothered her as she loaded her cart and headed to pay for her groceries. Not one light bulb. Whole Foods is truly a sanctuary for the celebrity as not one annoying person swarmed her. Why is this so? Could it be that Whole Food shoppers don't care about celebrity? Is reality TV dying?

Or is the more important question, why was Britney Spears shopping at Ralphs and Sheila shopping at Whole Foods?

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