May 21, 2008

Pathetic Chocolate

In a moment of weakness, I wasted time on the Internet tonight trying to find out if it was possible for people to actually find my blog, or if I was destined to be its only visitor.

In researching how one might draw readership to a blog, I came across all kinds of interesting tips, although often contradictory. I was just about to give up when I found Wordtracker, a website that has a free keyword suggestion tool. The site helps you increase your search optimization by helping you identify common search terms relating to a particular topic, so that you can find a way to organically integrate said term to boost your searchability on Google. I am not sure whether I am that dedicated (or together), but, who knows it might be a useful resource one day (and besides it seems to like chocolate).

Regardless of whether I will ever use said tool for useful purposes, I was entertained by the following statistics:

  • The best keyword for the topic of "stiletto" is not "stiletto lawyer." In fact it is "stilettos." Although surprisingly "climbing mountains in stilettos" fell within he top 10.

  • A lot of people search for the word "lawyer" on it's own. More people search for "personal injury lawyer" than "criminal lawyer." The next most sought after lawyer on Google is "divorce lawyer." I am none of these. Although, I do find it interesting that more people search for "lawyer jokes" than a "divorce lawyer."

  • The number one search involving the term "doctor" (which came in fifth place) interestingly enough has nothing to do with locating one. Believe it or not, it's "doctors excuses." "Printable doctors excuse" came in second, with "Doctor excuse" (singular) trailing in at forth. Guess that is one hot topic I will have to consider writing about. Also intriguing, more people search for a love doctor, sex doctor or a which doctor than an actual PHD certified doctor. Of the PHD breed, the clear leader is a "doctor gyno."

  • If you look for a keyword suggestion for the word "blog" number three on the list (behind the obvious "blog" and "blogs" search), is "pregnancy countdown for myspace blog." Enlightening, no?

  • And on a topic I have recently written about (for which I could have used the wisdom of the keyword finder): the number one keyword suggestion for the topic of "gas" (with or without using the website's offensive entry filter) is "gas prices." So the bottom line is, I might have to edit this previous post to include several references to the phrase...but that will have to wait until I write a legitimate post about chocolate.

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